What is Biodiesel?

What Is Biodiesel

 Biodiesel is an organic fuel made from plant or animal fats.  It is very similar to cooking oil.  Properly processed Biodiesel can usually go straight into a diesel engine without any need to modify the engine.  A diesel engine can run on Biodiesel or regular diesel or any mix of the two.  Biodiesel is usually made from waste oils although dedicated fuel crops are also an option.  Engine specialists are enthusiastic about it.  Its properties as a fuel are superior compared to mineral fuels both in terms of  how environmentally friendly it is and how well engines perform using it.

There is a Europe-wide standard now applied to Biodiesel to ensure that quality is consistent.  This quality assurance enables car manufacturers to approve its use too.  The standard  is EN14214 and unless you know the producer, it is best to insist on having fuel with that specification.