Welcome to our site. You can use Biodiesel in most diesel engines WITHOUT the need for conversions. The use of 100% Biodiesel in your vehicle is carbon neutral, so you can drive around without adding to the global warming problem!

If you want to buy Biodiesel and you live near Stroud use this link for Stroud’s Biodiesel Outlet.

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My philosophy of supporting Biodiesel:

The backdrop of why Biodiesel is supported lies in the belief that the extinction of species is the gravest of all the environmental issues. This then translates to 2 main culprits which are behind the issue globally, namely: carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and forest destruction.  If both these were sorted out the majority of endangered species would be safe.

Tackling carbon emissions: In the UK, transport causes about ¼ of our global warming impact, so by switching to Biodiesel you can eliminate about a ¼ of your own contribution.  An even more effective consumer switch is to get your electricity from a company which deals only in 100% renewable energy (See greenelectricity or gooshing for advice); by switching to a renewable energy company you can effectively eliminate over 50% of your carbon impact!  For the rest (the last ¼) your carbon impact is much harder to eliminate, so the easiest way to get rid of the rest of your impact is to let someone else do it for you!  So the third and final move (after switching electricity supplier and transport fuel) is to buy carbon offsets.  In this way any individual or organisation can eliminate their carbon contribution and not be a part of the global warming problem.  Not only that but the time it would take to eliminate the last quarter of your Carbon impact would be so extensive that you’d be more effective using that time to convince your friends to make a fuel switch instead.

Tackling Forest depletion: We all need to take responsibility of our own impact.  That means being aware of our own consumer power.  By purchasing good wood you are effectively boycotting the irresponsible companies.  Or you can now even buy rainforest as a way to help the survival of certain species.  A final link I suggest is to address the economic climate globally by supporting fair trade goods so income can be generated in other ways.

Cautionary Note: Biodiesel is suitable for use with any diesel vehicle designed for use with Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel but, being an organic fuel, is not compatible with oil-based paints or natural rubber fuel lines or other components fitted to generators or older vehicles. It will also flush long – term petrodiesel residues from fuel systems. Such users are advised to check compatibility prior to use (VW Group and many other manufacturers now conform to B100) or failing that be advised to check fuel filters after 500 miles. Not suitable for all vehicles – consult vehicle manufacturer before use.

 Adrian Lawton MD, Pure Biodiesel – Part of Cotswold Experience Tours Ltd