Stroud Biodiesel

Stroud’s Biodiesel Outlet

Pure Biodiesel has England’s first dedicated filling station pump on 100% Biodiesel, about 2 miles from Stroud centre.  The Biodiesel sold is of the highest quality of specification EN14214 (as required by some car manufacturers).  There are two types of Biodiesel: RME which is made from freshly harvested Rapeseed and can be used all year round. UCOME which is made from used cooking oil and should be used only at a 50% blend in winter as it can freeze solid.

Biodiesel is available by arrangement only (min. 100 litres – unless you are part of the local membership system).

Directions: From Stroud head towards Nailsworth on the A46 to South Woodchester.  Take a right turn into Station Road (just before Dennis Brown’s Wood yard) then almost immediately the next left into an old industrial estate.  Follow the road until you see a large green shed and you are there.

 Use this link to view a map.

 Postal address is: Pure Biodiesel, The Green Shed, Station Road Industrial Estate, South Woodchester, Stroud GL5 5EQ.  Tel. 01453 872266   

 If you can’t fill up easily – try some Biodiesel by mail order