Stroud Biodiesel

With the drive for cleaner and sustainable fuels in full flow it is no surprise that biodiesel is very much in the news these days. We cannot rely for much longer on fossil fuels to power our cars and other vehicles and machinery, and this why in towns such as Stroud biodiesel is widely available. Like many such towns Stroud is home to a population that uses cars on a daily basis – to get to and from work and for other uses – and being able to substitute biodiesel for regular fuel is a bonus. However, there are certain stipulations surrounding the use of biodiesel, and how it should be used.

What is Biodiesel ?

Biodiesel is a substitute for regular fossil fuel diesel that is made from sustainable sources. It can be made from waste oils from the likes of chip shops and food producers, and also from specifically grown crops. There are improvements into the making of biodiesel all the time, and these days the production of the substance from the likes of rape seed and soya crops is becoming more widespread. The cost of making biodiesel has been hailed as a problem by some, but with refined methods of production it is now possible for biodiesel to offer a cost effective alternative to standard fossil diesel. One problem that has been raised is that it cannot be used in older diesel engines as there are compatibility problems – pure biodiesel would destroy the valves – but modern engines are more compatible.

How readily available is Biodiesel in Stroud ?

Stroud as a town is well placed for those who wish to buy biodiesel as a quick search uncovers no fewer than 12 suppliers of biodiesel within a short distance of the town. From manufacturers at farms and factories throughout the region to petrol stations providing the product there many places for Stroud residents to find biodiesel at competitive prices. If you require pure biodiesel there are outlets within a mile of the town while other providers can supply you with blended biodiesel that is for immediate use in your car.

Why Biodiesel ?

For those who buy Stroud Biodiesel the benefits of greener, cleaner fuel and great lubrication are very much driving factors in the choice of fuel, while many people also appreciate the sustainable elements of the biodiesel and the cleaner emissions it provides. With biodiesel so easy to buy in Stroud its future is certainly guaranteed.