Buying Biodiesel via Mail Order

Biodiesel is considered by many to be a fuel of the future. Made from sustainable sources – and even from waste vegetable oils from both retail and industry – it represents a very real alternative to standard fossil diesel. Buying biodiesel via mail order is one way of making sure you have access to the product for whatever your requirements are, and it can also be a very cost effective method of purchasing the fuel.

Mail Order Advantages

One of the major advantages of buying biodiesel via mail order is that you can buy as much – or as little – as you want. Many people who wish to try the fuel for the first time choose to buy in this fashion as it can also offer excellent savings on the pump prices at the many filling stations and other outlets which offer biodiesel supplies. Biodiesel is usually supplied in pre-filled drums and can represent a considerable saving on standard diesel, although it is essential to make sure that you check your vehicle’s compatibility before buying in bulk. Some suppliers offer anywhere from a single drum to many thousands of litres, so work out how much you will use for the greatest savings.

Will I have to collect ?

This depends on your choice of provider. Some mail order biodiesel suppliers insist on collection while others will deliver for you at a small additional price. If you have the capacity to collect the fuel yourself it can offer great savings on the price of delivery, especially when ordering larger amounts. There are many providers of biodiesel across the UK, so it pays to look for one offering decent prices in your immediate locality.

How much will I save ?

You will naturally get better prices for greater quantities, but you should bear in mind that biodiesel compares almost like for like with standard fossil diesel at the pump. The savings in buying by mail order are in the bulk purchase and the lack of the filling station overheads, but the real benefits are in the green and clean aspects of biodiesel rather than the cost savings offered.

Can I make it myself ?

Some people who have businesses that produce waste vegetable oil are making biodiesel themselves, but the process is one that requires serious dedication and some expensive equipment. You can buy a small biodiesel manufacturing plant for less than £1000, but it is a road that you should only go down if you are dedicated. If you wish to run vehicles or machinery on the fuel you should consider buying biodiesel by mail order as the first option.